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The Rise of Fall Series

Follows the trials of a failed kingdom in a strange world of dragons, magic, and an elusive zombie squirrel.

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Autumn's Outcast Cover.jpg

Autumn's Outcast

Book 1 - Available in print and eBook

     In a world of magic, dragons, and spirits of power, sixteen-year-old Claire serves as the feared and hated heir to a crumbling throne. In the dark of the night, a sinister force takes her mother, the queen that protects her people.

     Claire must travel untamed lands armed only with the very powers that her own people fear and a temperamental little brother who carries his own scars. They must face ancient threats to find the queen their people desperately need to survive.
Can she return her mother to the throne?

Will her people wither without a powerful ruler?

New Management

Book 1.5 - Available on eBook
Print version available in anthology form.

Disaster can come in many forms. It has only been nine months since the coronation of Queen Claire, and in that time, Autumn has seen hope take root. Dragons once more soar the skies, the kingdom’s children are being cared for, and trade increases.
All of this is put at risk when a new threat approaches. One that imperils the very people the queen has sworn to protect. Can Claire find a way to save her kingdom? Could she ever do it alone?

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Winter's Challenge Ebook Cover.jpg

Winter's Challenge

Book 02 - Available in print and eBook

Winter is a harsh land. A kingdom of scarcity where only the strong survive. The heir to the throne finds herself running from her own army with a price on her head. The Maiden of Winter must seek help from Claire and her friends to fight against an enemy that seeks to destroy them all.
Can she reclaim her place in Winter’s court?
Will they give in to the threat that seeks to devour all?

First Day

Book 2.5 - Available on eBook
Print version available in anthology form.

Queen Claire has decreed that all orphaned children are adopted by the Blood Keep. Construction of the new school is complete; the many races will come together to learn and grow. While some are excited for new opportunities, others resent the resources the queen is pushing toward her projects.
Will the children of Autumn become the hope for the future? Will those same children be a target to strike at the heart of the Banshee?

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First Day eBook Cover.jpg

Spring's Contest

Book 3 - Available in print and eBook

Spring is known throughout Fairie as the land of renewal and beauty. The Alder King has invited contestants from all the kingdoms to come and compete for the grand prize in the Contest of Champions. A prize last won by a father Claire and Jack barely remember.
It's a chance Jack can't pass up, but beneath the veneer of Spring's perfection lies something far more sinister.
Who will win the top prize?
Can Autumn survive the attempt?

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Transfer Student

Book 3.5 - Available on eBook
Print version available in anthology form.

Just east of the border of the kingdom of Spring lie the deserts of the Mountain Wyld. There at the southern oasis, a village is destroyed and most of the people are either killed or captured. A young Fawnin named Jari must protect her younger sister, a rare spirit prized by both Spring and Summer. Rumors of the Contest of Champions lead her to the heart of the east. The sisters find themselves pawns in the Alder King's game.
Can Jari keep her sister safe?
Can she hold on to her humanity in the process?

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Book 3.5 Cover.jpg
Anthology 1 Cover Ebook.jpg

Anthology 1 - Available in print and eBook

Whether it be a swarm of giant locusts or an attack on the first day of school, there is rarely a dull moment in the kingdom of Autumn. Queen Claire and her allies must fight for every victory. In the midst of the battles between kingdoms and the ever-present threat from beyond, others have their own struggles.
Will Claire save her people from starvation?
Can school children fight off an attack on their own?
How far will one sister go to save the other?

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Summer's War

Book 4 - Available in print and eBook

The kingdom of Summer holds the greatest military in the world of Fairie. It is a land of abundance and riches, ruled by Queen Fennine Firth. She sat invulnerable in the Great Arborium, an ancient tree at the center of the southern kingdom and the heart of the aspect of earth. Then Summer crossed the Demon Prince.
Jack has gone rogue, rampaging through the jungles of Summer even as the Black March brings the full might of the horde to the world of Fairie. Queen Claire now must struggle against multiple enemies, all while trying to hold on to the fragile alliance she worked so hard to create. It will mean all-out war.
Can the Autumn Prince survive against a kingdom?
Can Fairie survive the Black March’s hordes?

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Strange Sessions Cover.jpg

Strange Sessions

Book 4.5 - Available on eBook

The Summer War left Fairie devastated. Evan Daniels was one of the many captured slaves rescued from the Arborium. Soon after arriving in Autumn, he’s sent to meet a man named Gray. Dr. Daniels is a trained psychologist and just the man the Wind Walker was looking for.
Evan must learn to navigate a new world, cope with powerful children, and somehow prepare himself to confront the man known throughout Fairie as the Demon Prince. If he can survive his first day, Autumn might have just found a new school counselor.
Will the children of Autumn find a way to overcome the trauma of the past?
Can Evan find a place in a world of magic and danger?

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From Ashes

Book 5 - Late 2022

The world has changed. Those that survived the Summer War find themselves with the opportunity to rebuild even better than before. A young hero of the aspect of flame must learn her place in this new world while strange beings of ancient power begin to appear.
Jack quests for his father’s freedom while Cruor seeks a cure for the strange illness that has left Raine bedridden and unresponsive. Mini must step up and play the part of Winter’s Queen and square off against an enemy that seems all but indestructible. Meanwhile, Claire must fight to protect all of Fairie.
Will Jack bring his father home?
Will Raine wake from her endless dream?
Can Claire hold everything together?

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From Ashes - Ebook Cover.jpg
Blank Cover.jpg


Book 5.5 - Late 2022

We all need help finding our place.

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Alberich's Inheritance

Book 6 - 2023

A young Portal Master seeks ancient knowledge. What he finds is beyond even his imagination.

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Blank Cover.jpg
Blank Cover.jpg

The Beast Within

Book 6.5 - 2023

It's a school for shapeshifters.

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Someone has to write it all down

Jeremy Graves

Fantasy, some of it is kinda weird.

Husband, father, and nerd. Currently have over a dozen books written and several more outlined.

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